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Learn quantitative finance in our online courses. Make up to 5- or 6-figures trading from home. And catapult yourself into a 6-figure career in 6 months or less when you enroll today!

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Financial Trading & Quantitative Analysis Courses For YOU

Start your financial research, quantitative analyst, and quantitative trading career by learning how to analyze stocks, investments, portfolios and backtesting strategies. Gain skills that can earn you money and can get you a 6-figure career at Hedge Funds and Big Banks.

Trade from Home

Start by trading from home. With the skills learned in our program, you can earn 5- and 6-figures from your home (as a side-hustle or full-time career). Trade with alpha-generating algorithms and get strategy support in our tight-knit QS traders community.

Become a Financial Research Analyst

Build a job portfolio and turn your skills into a 6-figure career as a financial analyst at Big Banks like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and more. These positions command $100,000+ salaries.

Land a Career as a Quantitative Scientist

Learn how to design, develop, test and deploy automated trading systems. Prepare for a career at companies like Citadel, Bridgewater Associates, Renaissance Technologies, and more. These positions command $250,000+ salaries.

Learn how to develop portfolios

In just the 1st course in our program, you gain the skills to manage risk, generate returns, and build robust portfolios.

  • Build portfolios

  • Analyze risk

  • Generate returns

Backtest your trading strategies

An essential part of becoming a successful trader and quantitative engineer is to backtest your strategies. In our 1st course, you gain skills to backtest, assess risk, and create alerts when strategies are becoming too volatile.

  • Backtest your strategies

  • Monitor volatility

  • Safely alert & manage trades profitably

Build a trading system with our templates

Why start from scratch? When you take our 1st course, you learn through 8 modules that become your trading system.

  • 15+ Python Code Templates

  • 8 Learning Modules

  • Customize and Use

Committed to Helping Our Students Succeed Through Our Wolfpack Trading System + Community

Trading alone is tough. That's why we've created the QS Traders Wolfpack Community for trading in teams. We call them the "Wolfpack". And trading is best... when you trade it in a pack.

Become part of the wolfpack today!


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