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The problem we solve.

There's a gap between financial education and results. Good education simply does not exist.

University programs are high cost ($50,000+), take 2+ years, and waste too much time on theory. The bottom line... The results are poor given your commitment.

The alternative is bootcamps. Bootcamps are confusing. They teach 100's of concepts. 10% (maybe) are important. But which ones?

Enter Quant Science. We are experts in applied financial analysis, coding, and data science. And we've created a system that gets results.

We are revolutionizing financial education by making it simple.

To achieve consistent financial performance you need expert guidance, a systematic process, and a community of like-minded traders that benefit financially from supporting you (we create wolfpack traders in our QS trader community).

When you join, you get all of this in an easy to use system. Templates, frameworks, taught by the best in the business. With our wolfpack.

A word from our founders

For years, we have struggled to apply data science to finance. Finding strategies that produce consistent results in an ever-changing world is, well, challenging. A system did not exist to fulfill a simple promise: to provide the tools necessary to build wealth as a trader.

That's exactly why we built Quant Science.

Quant Science was formed by Jason Strimpel of PyQuant News and Matt Dancho of Business Science.

Jason is a Python and Quantitative Finance Expert with over 20 years of experience as a Quant. In addition to founding PyQuant News, a successful trading newsletter. Jason has held various quantitative and trading roles at JP Morgan Chase, TradeGroup, BP Trading, Rio Tinto, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Matt is a data science expert with over 18 years working in business and 10+ years as a Data Scientist, Consultant, and Trainer. Matt has founded Business Science, a successful educational platform with similar goals to Quant Science, but focused on developing Data Scientists in business, marketing, and finance disciplines.

Together, Jason and Matt have teamed up to create Quant Science, the ultimate Quantitative Data Science training program.

And our promise: To build courses that deliver results.

Jason Strimpel, Co-Founder

Matt Dancho, Co-Founder

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