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Committed to Helping Our Students Succeed in Quantitative Finance

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Committed to Helping Our Students Succeed

Matt and Jason have founded Quant Science from our expertise in Quant Finance, Data Science, Consulting, and Training. Our mission is to help you skyrocket your career and your investments.

We are here to help. We own applied financial education. No B.S. Courses. Real Results.

Jason Strimpel


Jason is a Python and Quantitative Finance Expert with over 20 years of experience as a Quant. In addition to founding PyQuant News, a successful trading newsletter, Jason has held various quantitative and trading roles at JP Morgan Chase, TradeGroup, BP Trading, Rio Tinto, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Matt Dancho


Matt is a Data Science expert with over 18 years working in business and 10+ years as a Data Scientist, Consultant, and Trainer. Matt has built Business Science, a successful educational platform with similar goals to Quant Science, but focused on developing Data Scientists in business, marketing, and finance disciplines.

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